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Wealth Management

Aramis Capital’s complete independence from any financial group, ensures we can always act without bias and in the very best interest of our clients. We design bespoke solutions for managing assets in the most effective ways, whether through corporate entities, trusts or foundations in all the main recognised jurisdictions. Whether it is financial assets, real estate portfolios, private and public corporate holdings, we run and manage client wealth in the most effective and compliant way.

Our Objective

We assist High Net Worth Individuals to protect and enhance their wealth.


We aim to offer consistent portfolio return.

We mitigate risk according to each client's profile.

Our Distinctive Offering

We provide tailor-made solutions worldwide.

We deliver innovative and pragmatic strategies.

We are fully dedicated towards our clients.


Our Values

We manage assets with integrity and transparency.

We are an Independent portfolio manager.

We fulfill our clients confidentiality concern.



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